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Journey of an Empath

by Livia

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Joseph Ingram
Joseph Ingram  thumbnail
Joseph Ingram i Absolutely love This Album livia's Voice is Beautiful and Enchanting this Album is Just Mesmerising and just magnificent

I highly Recommend this Album To Everone It will have you

My Favourite Tracks are Read your mind and Karmic Emergency
many Blessings Favorite track: Read Your Mind.
Cherrie Ryuu
Cherrie Ryuu thumbnail
Cherrie Ryuu It relates with me being an Empath and a Pagan, moreover being human. <3
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The Magician 03:26
There once was a Girl, a musician by trade Set out on a mission to sing come what may She walked a thousand miles, her direction the Sea To find a thousand answers for all she had seen Some way along the path she came across a Maiden And finding herself lost she asked for directions Can you please help for I can’t find my way The Maiden looked upon her and this she did say The Fool takes his chance The Hermit plays safe Lovers crave romance And the Star covets fame The Magician always knows just which card to play One step ahead and leading the Way Confused by her words, the Girl hurried on She’d tried to reply, but the Maiden had gone As she started to walk, the clouds seemed to fade The Mother appeared and this she did say The Fool takes his chance The Hermit plays safe Lovers crave romance And the Star covets fame The Magician always knows just which card to play One step ahead and leading the Way Approaching the cliff-top she found herself alone A cloaked figure ahead revealed herself as the Crone They stood side by side and looked out to Sea Then the Crone turned her head and she said to Me The Fool takes his chance The Hermit plays safe Lovers crave romance And the Star covets fame The Magician always knows just which card to play One step ahead and leading the Way We’ll be by your side in this unfolding game For remember my Dear we are one and the same
Take a long hard look at your life And tell me do you like what you see When you’re looking in the mirror Are you everything you wanted to be Seems like my life began when I got away from you You had me feeling so confused There was nothing left to lose You tried so hard to push me down I didn’t think I’d make it back But now I’ve learned to stand my ground Don’t underestimate the fact That I can read your mind All the things that you think you hide You can pretend but don’t waste my time I see through you even though you think I’m blind I can read between the lines All the walls that you hide behind But you forget that I can read your mind Now read my lips I don’t need you in my life Sincerity doesn’t suit you well What the hell are you trying to prove I can’t believe in some other lifetime I listened to you You think I don’t know that you come to me now Just to ease your conscience But things aren’t like they were before You can’t hurt me anymore You’ll try to prove you give a damn But your smile won’t reach your eyes How stupid do you think I am I see the truth behind your lies ‘cause I can read your mind Believe me I’ve tried not to hate you For what you put me through I know that I deserved better But I gained a lot from you I’ve been thinking it over and over (and over) Now I realise the truth It was never about me Oh no, it was all about you You tried so hard to push me down I didn’t think I’d make it back But now I’ve learned to stand my ground And I won’t pick up your slack You tried so hard to break me down But you won’t succeed at that And now I’ve turned my life around Don’t underestimate the fact That I can read your mind
It can be hard to keep up the fight When temptation gets under your skin But the light will always find those look And the real enemy is within The world can be a dark place If you take all that you have and use it wrong Retribution has begun The hellhounds baying for you And this time there is no place that you can run Can’t undo now what is done What you believe comes true for you And what you do comes back to bite you Every action has a consequence And ignorance is no defence Oblivious to the pain you cause I pay you no mind ‘cause you’ll get yours By the rule of three You’ve got a karmic emergency The house of cards that took so long to build Is starting to tumble and fall You desperately search now for someone to blame But the universe sees all You bit the hand that fed you And now realise that all you had is gone Got to face what you’ve become What ye bring forth comes back to thee So ever mind the Rule of Three Follow this with mind and heart Merry we meet, and merry we part The magic lies within you Now’s the time to believe in what you could be So set your spirit free
Broken Soul 04:28
We sit here like shattered fragments Of what we used to be Young lives filled with so much promise But now just broken dreams Every story slightly different But somehow the ending’s the same Holding on to too much emotion Fear anger and shame We eye each other suspiciously We’re used to coping alone How am I going to listen to your problems I’ve got enough of my own And every word you speak Sets all my hidden feelings free It’s like sitting in a room of raw nerves How is this supposed to help me But when everything that mattered to me Fell apart in front of my eyes And everything that I believed Turned to dust and washed away with the tides You helped mend my broken soul You taught me so much more than you’ll ever know Giving me strength when I couldn’t fight Leading me home I’m wondering just how I got here There’s nobody left to blame As we share all our sadness Reliving all the pain I really didn’t believe That it could possibly do any good But for the first time in my life I finally felt understood I don’t know it will ever be easy I think we’ve seen too much for that The best that I can wish for you is peace While you try to get your life on track We may not see each other again But just knowing that you’re out there It makes me feel a little less alone And I hope you know I’ll always care
Convince her that she’s in love That you’ve been sent from above After all her searching The one is here at last But you sound too good to be true Not sure that you can see it through She’s completely hooked And losing control fast She thinks she’s found the love of her life In her mind she’s already your wife ‘cause she believes she’s found her ideal man But I don’t see it in your eyes I think she’s in for a nasty surprise I think this is all part of your master plan Just buy her gifts and tell her things You think she wants to hear You don’t have to show real feelings She’ll never know you’re insincere But after the performance The audience will gasp That’s when you reveal What’s really underneath the mask Misogynist control freak man Seeks compliant woman For some rough and tumble at his whim Forget your personality You won’t need it now you belong to him You failed to read the signs And now he owns your everything It started with a moonlit serenade But he’s the lead in his own dark charade Seduction is so easy to create A game where only he knows the rules It’s an act that has everybody fooled Once you realise it’s already far too late Without remorse, draw her into the flame Break her down and then take no blame But I refuse to believe you’re all the same What it comes down to girl Is you have to see the truth He should be ashamed ‘cause love isn’t just a game Promette l’amore, ma è soltanto giocatore Ha tutte le parole, sì, ma non ama con il cuore
Burning Up 03:36
You don’t know what you do to me With just a simple look You unleash an energy So unexpected but it’s plain to see That every move we make Is pitch-perfect harmony You can’t deny the chemistry Attraction is a mystery Hard to refuse when it’s calling Do you believe in destiny That some things are meant to be You got me hooked and now I’m falling I’m burning up Because your touch is like fire Don’t light the spark if you can’t handle the flame White hot emotion, it will blow you away I’m burning up, can you handle the flame A blazing passion that melts me to the core Our eyes connecting, searching for more The glowing embers of what’s left unspoken Electric crackle and the silence is broken Reigniting the ashes inside of your soul Temperature’s rising, it’s hard to say no Try to resist but it won’t let you go Engulfing your heart It has taken control
There was a sad event I guess you’d call it a heartbreak Caused a vortex to open And it split my world in two Catapulted through time Sucked into a black hole ‘cause half of me moved forward The other half stayed with you Everybody tells me I’m just a broken-hearted girl Nobody gets me, they don’t understand my world ‘cause when I try to run there’s no escape On every page I turn I find your name You’re everywhere I go and all see Give me a sign you miss me I just keep moving on ‘cause I can’t fail But there’s no prince inside this fairytale You’re everywhere I go and all I do Give me a sign you miss me too I’ve never been so confused Unsure of who I am I’m just jumping back and forth Either side of the dam Suddenly became clearer I learned what I had to know It’s the Sliding Doors effect And it happens when your heart grows Give me a sign Just give it time So now the way is clear I guess that we can’t go backwards Have to fix all the problems And try to start anew But I have to warn you I am all out of patience My heart is fragile So be careful what you do Don’t try to tell me I’m just a broken-hearted girl The way that you left me You really ripped apart my world
Tick tock… The truth will soon come out What you’re all about You left me full of doubt But your lies they catch you out Try to force me to fold But my will is strong The story is getting old So I’m good as gone You trampled my heart And you strangled my dreams Devoured my soul Ripped it apart at the seams You got what’s yours And now I want what’s mine Since you walked away I’ve just been playing with time Rest assured your time has come And now that we are done It’s time to have some fun I’ll count to three, now start to run ‘cause if you thought I’d roll over Better think again I remember your torture So I want revenge Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned I’ve been working it out While you played with your pawns Judgement approaches and you’ve been no saint Tick tock Time’s up Checkmate Playing with time Like you played with mine
Natural High 03:53
Do you know the secret Handed down from ancient times Just think and you’ll achieve it All you need is the power of your mind There will always be those who try to fight it Their purpose is to stop you getting far Don’t be repressed by their narrow-mindedness In this mess we have forgotten who we are And it all comes down to a simple truth Everything you need is inside you So trust yourself and to your own self be true Just spread your wings And launch yourself into the sky For you were born to fly On a natural high So you know you hold the key now What are you going to do Believe and you’ll create how Your future begins with you And though you may not always want to see it And yes there will be sacrifice to make Just open up allow yourself to feel it It is a path that you’re destined to take And it all comes down to a single truth Life is but a journey A labyrinth of tos and fros A ship on sometimes troubled waters Destination unknown Do not be discouraged If you don’t know where to start For the answer it is easy Just look into your heart
It’s hard to exist When the world overwhelms you You feel things so strongly And it all gets too much So you spend time alone Yes, you’re safe but you’re lonely What you really crave Is a human touch And you find it and lose it Through one bad decision One spoiled moment, one failed test It took so much effort to make that connection And it all fell apart before you drew a breath But you’ve got to hold on, try to make a new start Can’t live your life afraid of the dark You can be certain the courage you own It’s just a diversion, you can make it alone It’s hard to see clear When your walls close around you You lose what you wanted And it all meant so much No choice but to watch As your demons surround you ‘cause you know in your heart When you take the wrong path And you punish yourself for not being perfect Not being wiser, not knowing yet A heart full of fantasy led you to horror And all you’ve got left’s a head full of regret So don’t give up This one life is all that you’ve got You can make it ready or not So don’t stop, rise to the top Give it all that you’ve got I know how it feels When your tears start to drown you And you realise your story is far from clear-cut
No one warns you of the hours You spend lying in despair Nothing prepares you for the horror Of seeing reminders everywhere And just when you think you’ve found the answer Another question pops in the air The dark side of love Is there’s no peace anymore, anywhere What a pretty dress she’s wearing As she takes your name I guess hell has frozen over The lion has been tamed How did I let this happen Let you get under my skin Feels like my heart’s been shattered Why did I let you in And tell me Why do you get to be happy When I’m left alone Got me running out so far And now I can’t go home Only these words in this book Know what I’ve been through Love with you was dark and twisted So from tonight it’s like you never really existed You’ll never know how long I waited Hoping you’d change your mind Against every thought I had That I was strong inside And so the world sees you smiling Not the debris you left behind Your greatest crime was showing me I need you to feel alive The fire it burns every trace of you And the water washes me clean The air it clears my mind And the earth is solid beneath my feet You couldn’t back it up could you Couldn’t finish what you start Your soul must be in a very dark place To gamble with someone’s heart Love with you was dark and twisted Love with you was completely sadistic So why do you get to be happy When I’m left alone Got me running out so far And now I can’t go home Only these words in this book Know what I’ve been through But love with you was dark and twisted So from tonight it has to be like You never really existed
Ghost Ship 04:45
Ooh the ghost of us It echoes through my mind Feelings that once burned brightly Now just left behind I’ve been so confused Fighting to swim against the tide Trying to reach the surface I’m losing sight of the light I try to move on but you keep dragging me back Getting caught in the undertow The memory of you is so strong But I’ll hold on I won’t abandon my ship I steer a course that’s true You tried to drive me crazy But I will get over you I won’t abandon my ship No matter what you do ‘cause I have found my anchor And I will get over you I sailed away across the crystal blue Carried along by the waves That were leading me to you The siren song is sweet, tempting those who go Beware that you don’t crash upon the rocks below I swam out too far and now I can’t go back Getting caught in your undertow The essence of you is so strong But I’ll hold on And now the winds of change they are blowing Taking me away from you I don’t know where it is I am going But I’ll find someone that’s true I won’t abandon my ship Take my heart back from you You tried to drive me crazy Was that the best you could do I won’t abandon my ship I’ll sail to somewhere new And I will find my baby Because I’m over you


Debut album by London based singer/songwriter Livia


released March 20, 2015

Harp on track 1 by Allegra Shock
Mandolin on track 5 by Alison Stephens
Accordion on track 5 by Oliver Baldwin
Guitars on track 11 by Henry Ryan, Felix Lawrie and Alex Lorimer
Narration on track 12 by Alexander MacDonald-Milne

Tracks 1 & 10 written and produced by Livia/L. Hobbs at BlueRoom Studios
Tracks 2,4,6 & 9 written by Livia/Wiggzaro. Produced by Wiggzaro
Tracks 3,7,8 & 12 written by Livia/S. Ellis. Produced by Simon Ellis
Track 5 written by Livia/L. Hobbs. Produced by L. Hobbs. Mixed by Wiggzaro
Track 11 written by Livia/L. Hobbs. Produced by L. Hobbs. Mixed by Simon Ellis
All music © 2014 Livia. All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Album cover photography by George Fairbairn


all rights reserved



Livia London, UK

Livia has been enchanting audiences with her magically-infused music, mystical melodies and distinctive lyrics since she started touring her debut album ‘Journey of an Empath’ in 2014. Blending pop, rock, folk, latin, industrial and gothic sounds with elements of Pagan music and Wiccan mysticism, she has created her own unique brand of 'magick pop'. ... more

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